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tv   [untitled]    September 18, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> okay. let's get started welcome to our rules committee
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meeting for september 18, 2014, name supervisor norman yee and i'll be chairing this meeting i'm joined by supervisor tang and shortly supervisor campos will be joining us the clerk is alicia and the committee would like to acknowledge the staff at the sfgovtv josh and jim smith when record each of our meetings and make the transcripts visible i available to the public online we'll be calling a special rules committee meeting at the 2:30 or shortly after 2:30 held simultaneously so when i do it is pretty much having two meetings cellular mainly because we wanted to have this item heard but we forgot to put it on
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the regular agenda we will also madam clerk >> please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones, pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices speakers card to be submitted to the clerk and the agenda will be on the september 30th board of supervisors' agenda also otherwise stated item one. >> item one is a motion confirming the appoint to the treasure island for a 4 year term. >> okay jeff you time to come on up and make a few statements sure thank you superstitions for considering my nomination to serve 0 on the board i'll give
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you brief a background i've lived in the city since 2005 and professionally work with the sector for 25 years and work for on housing authority i served as the executive director of the community housing partnership and helped to develop one thousand unit of affordable housing here on a san francisco i am work at the alexander center i have experience working on treasure island dooirg my tenure i managed on one thousand united for side treasure island housing and tida i helped to provide comments in the planning of the redevelopment of the island i believe my professional
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background qualifies me to serve on the board especially in affordable housing and social services i'm very excited to be part of the development of 8 thousand new unit 2 thousand will be affordable housing things i'll focus on will be to make sure the development is very tlibt and intentional how it creates the focus an building the community and are you insuring the tints are reliable to all residents i'm excited but recognize there are currently many people living on the treasure island and i believe my background helps me to give insight into the day to day operations of the island i appreciate you hearing my
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nomination. >> colleagues do you have any questions. >> supervisor tang. >> sure i know you spoke about some of the goals if you're able to be appointed and clearly have a lot of vpd on treasure island so what are some if you can talk about some of the issues you highlighted some of them but the changes that might be facing this body talk one of my goals to make sure that the residents and the businesses on the island continue to enjoy a quality of life on the island there's issues around electricity and other sfroo infrastructure issues that need to be paid attention to so far as the affordable housing i'm interested in to making sure that one of the affordable housing resident who will there
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are fully integrated into the neighborhood and accident design of the affordable housing is and how it getsd developed to lead to a more integrated community. >> this is just asking your opinion we talked about it briefing but with the all the development going on with 8 thousand new units this translates to 20 thousand people they're trying to improve how to get in and out of there like did ferry services nobody has discussed it or thought about it much but would you be willing to ask i guess the authority there to
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look at potentially other ways to get off the island meaning if they were able to put a tunnel from treasure island into the city would you support that or conquer it. >> i'll 0 support anything that leads to making it earrings for people to get off and on the island i know they sdurmgd the power it is a nice bus serve so they don't need their cars and the ferry service is up u upgraded and t. >> and it will be easier for a ferry to go back and forth but make sure the transportation
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issue doesn't make the island less desirable. >> the issue of gloriously warming we're going to have to take it seriously and treasure island is at sea level how would you bring awareness to not only to the commissioner busing commissions but to the public in general we're going to have to do something about this in regards to the impact on the island 20 two things the whole design of the island and the idea of making it a commute friendly, bike friendly pedestrian friendly issue will help to develop a neighborhood it's not relying on cars i think, of course, the other issue is the sea level rise there's challenges you i know of
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quality and smart engineers have been putting in place a plan to protect it tb the eventually sea level rise. >> any other questions i believe sherry williams wants to say a few minutes. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm a sherry william with the initiative known as tida it is the siphon use of 2r8d we've been part of the planning of the prelims for 20 years now and we're not just part of today but an integral planning for 20er78 we have an agreement with the city for specific opportunity to assist the homeless and protecting san franciscans john who recently left the tida board was the
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founder of tida and became one of the treasure island authorities first members because of our integral roll it's important to have someone that understand and know knows the needs of the population i seriously can't imagine a better candidate being a former director and now the executive director of hampton he's uniquely quality to know about the champs and issues our population faces but the challenges and issues we face there on treasure island so we hope you'll support his nomination and thank you for your consideration. >> thank you very much ms. williams mr. duffy. >> thank you very much it's great to see you i want to join sherry in testifying open on
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behalf of jeff i had the privilege to work with him and our relationship has been a wonderful positive pro-active thinking he's had to being a dad living in san francisco raising his family here he is a per peveng on the quality of life in san francisco he'll do a great job. >> anyone else seeing none, public comment is closed i have to say that in reading his resume and having a short meeting with jeff i can't agree more with ms. williams we couldn't have a better quality person supervisor tang. >> thank you supervisor yee i similarly think there's no better quality person they've made an excellent choice in
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selecting you i will be happy to support your nomination or appointment to as the board of directors. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you, mr. chair i want to echo everything i'm happy to support it and thank you for your interest in serving treasure island. >> we have a motion and i guess without objection the motion passes congratulations. >> madam clerk call item 2. >> it is a motion reappointing supervisor malia cowen to the transbay joint powers authority board ending june 20, 2016. >> let's see so i jew guess we need to have a motion. >> sure i'll be happy to make a
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motion i'm glad supervisor malia cohen is happy to serve. >> i know public or public comments. >> there's a motion by public comments on this matter seeing none, public comment is closed there's a motion on the floor without objection passing motion passes. >> mr. chair this is the committee report. >> i'm sorry. >> the committee report. >> yes. can i have a motion to have this could. to the full board as a committee report. >> so moved. >> no objection item 3 please. item 3 a hearing to consider appointing one member to the urban forestry council there's one seat and two applicants. >> okay. so let's call them n up in the order on the agenda i
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believe carolyn johnson would you like to make a few statements? >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm carl listen johnson i want to serve on the urban forestry council because it's one of the few bodies that focuses on trees since retiring from the practice of law in 2012 i've promoted san francisco trees in the parks i've found through my work as an officer of the great west portal associate and of the san francisco alliance one thousand of san franciscans oppose the ucsf to remove thousands of healthy trees from the park
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lands and streets i've attended and spoken at urban forestry council meetings and meeting of the planning and policy committee and based on my objection at the meeting those concerns that i and thousands of san franciscans have are not shared by at least the outspoken of the members of the compoundable i think this perspective which is held among san franciscans needs to be represented on the urban forestry council i am and thousand of san franciscans love trees and we want to see more of them in san francisco we're very concerned that the rec and park department ucsf and san francisco agencies plan to remove thousands of healthy stresses councilmember our parks and street for no good reason
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i've met with supervisor yee who i took on a walk on mount davidson i met with roger kim who's the mayors aid on the investment i met that phil ginsburg and his staff and other various commissioners and staff i and others of the san francisco forest alliance have sent reports to the rec and park department to ucsf and the mayor demonstrating that the trees are if not month maybe the vast majority are healthy and viable and that the tree removals will be bad for the forest and environment they came bat global
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warming and provided wildlife habitat and san francisco has a very much smaller tree canopy than the rest of the country yet most of the trees have been replaced by grace and shrubs thousand of san franciscans have protested those plans i've attended neighborhood meetings is it is clear the vast majority of people in attendance were opposed to the tree removed and community organization like 9 west of twin peaks have written opposition letters simply put the people that live near the parks want to keep the trees and
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again and again we find our you have viewpoint is go forward the city seems to be wanting to be cutting down trees i representing represent a view point that is shared by san franciscans 2, 3, 4 protest and that viewpoint is under recommend on the urban forestry my appointment to 9 council is necessary that it insures the full range of the uttering members i hope you'll support my nomination. >> thank you. any questions, mr. johnson can i label for tree maintenance in san francisco.
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>> tree maintenance there needed to be - are we talking about street trees or park trees or both. >> everything. >> trees need to be maintained and inspected. >> what their unhealthy they need to be treated by pruning or removal or you know other means that's i mean, i know at this point there's not adequate funding for doing that but i also know that supervisor wiener has introduced a proposal to raise the funds 0 so that can be done more and more frequently any other questions seeing none, okay michael sullivan. >> good afternoon, supervisors for listening on linking to me
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i've been active in urban forestry for almost 25 years in san francisco going back the 1990s when i became a friend of urban forestry a couple of years later i was on the board and chaired it and then was on this council for a couple of years in its infancy in 2003, 4 and 5 and shortly after that and, of course, learned everything and dealt with important issues including the cities first urban forestry plan and i joined the rec and park department commission and while on that commission for 3 years was involved in working with staff on the tree related aspects of the bonds that was passed not the most recent one and worked
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on the natural areas plan there was a number of implementation issues there in 2004 he had a book that i've been working on about the trees published called the trees of san francisco not a very innovative in the name but way you're interested a way to interest people walking down their street about what is interesting and in our city from new zealand and china and not the oaks and maples in upstate new york and in the back of the book a number of street tours people can get out and see the trees in the neighborhoods i have the good fortune 6 having that book published
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i maintain a website sf if you're observe about the trees you're welcome to checking out check it out and the most recent thing working with the market street suzette traffic group they've won awards and creating and maintaining an amazing network of trails i call st. is the camp trails and leader the issues that it is before the urban forestry council so for 25 years especially san francisco trees have been a passion of mine and welcome the opportunity to work on the urban forestry council. >> use what i've learned over the last 25 years thank you. >> supervisor .


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